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Guang zhou bags OEM,ODM factory saves you trouble of choosing a suitale briefcase .

Recently, a lot of people have asked the design talents of leather goods manufacturers in Guangzhou how to choose a suitable briefcase .Today,VB bag ,the OEM, ODM handbags supplier shares with you how to choose a suitable briefcase for white collar man .


Everyone says that the briefcase is the man's second stealth business card. Men of different professions have their own briefcase.A suitable briefcase can reflect your taste, highlighting the male masculinity and elegant and restrained style.The design talents of Guang zhou bags factory VB bag reminds you that it is not the more expensive ,the better for briefcases .The most important thing is that it should be suitable for you .No matter what style it is ,any element that ignores the details will make the overall dress greatly reduced.


Pay attention to these details when you chose a briefcase .

1) Choose the best combination of briefcase and clothing. Because the briefcase color is more monotonous, generally black and coffee color system, so black with dark suit, yellow or brown with light-colored suit is better.  (Black could be matched with any others. When you are not sure what color of briefcase is suitable, you can choose a black bag.)


2) For men who like to dress out in business suits,design talents of VB bag would suggest brown color system briefcases .Brown color family man bags have a wide range ,from bright light brown to calm dark brown .It is lighter compared with black color .And brown-toned colors could show the loyalty of men.


3)Design experts of VB bag still want to emphasize that the hardware of the briefcase is also a standard to determine the quality of a briefcase, so be sure to pay attention to the hardware quality when purchasing.VB bag chooses good quality hardwares for its bags .They are all exquisite, and the plating colors are very even and transparent, and they feel smooth and flexible.


4)Grasp the popular factors. Don't leave the trend too far away. If the one that is popular now is retro, the skin of the briefcase that you choose will be high-quality leather that is hand-dyed by post-processing. In other words, do not buy the kind that is directly sewn with ordinary leather.


5)Of course, the internal structure of the briefcase is more important. Now, the briefcase is more complete and the style is increasingly diversified. The briefcase can hold A4 paper. Other pockets, such as a cigarette pocket, a cell phone pocket, and a pencil case, can be decided on the basis of what you usually bring to work.


In daily work, a successful workplace man cannot have as diverse choice as women clothes. Therefore, men have a lot of attention on the choice of accessories. Having a few desirable office bags is a unique choice. I hope that sharing today can help you.

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