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Talk about the role of wallet in China today.

Among leather goods, leather wallets, leather coin purse and leather card holders are the most practical ones.Guang zhou leather wallet factory,VB bag offers wallet production and processing service for customers from all over the world .However, in today's China, due to the popularity of mobile payment method like WeChat payment and Alipay payment, it has surprised countless foreigners and led to a significant reduction in the use of cash, which has reduced the use of wallets,card holders etc .At the end of 2017, on a Guangzhou leather goods manufacturer rally, leather purse manufacturers in Guangzhou, VB bag heard many colleagues said that leather wallets, leather purse, leather card holders may disappear, so the wallet and purse factory business will be greatly reduced.



There is no doubt that the cash currency will eventually disappear. However, this will be a long process.Now it is just an update of payment method. Mobile payments can not immediately completely replace cash currencies.According to Guang zhou leather bags factory VB bag ,leather wallets, leather card holders, and leather purses are still relatively mainstream products in leather goods series. However, they must keep up with the pace of the times and update on design and function to meet the changing needs of people.


Traditional leather wallets, leather purses etc  play a major role in holding cash. Leather wallet, leather purses produced by leather wallet manufacturer Guangzhou VB bag are all basically the same size, have more and larger cash slots, and have increased a lot of card slots in recent years.Nowadays, the use of cash and cards has become less and less, the size of cash notes is getting smaller and smaller, so the cash slots and card slots are bound to decrease.Therefore, leather wallet supplier VB bag believes that leather wallets that are more innovative in appearance,more portable in size and more practical in function would be loved by people.For example,style, material could be more diverse, reduce the bills slots, increase the change slots, increase the small zipper bag, and some can also be combined with the cell phone bag. If these changes are made, leather handbags factory VB bag feels that leather purses, leather wallets are still indispensable necessities for people, and will become more personal and more symbolic of taste.Therefore, even if all Chinese people now use WeChat and Alipay for payment, leather wallets, leather purses, and leather card holders are still playing a role in peoples lives. For a long time, they cannot be replaced and abandoned.

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