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Brand name bags features(三)

Abstract:China hobo bag manufacturer ,further bag continues to talk about the characteristics of the world famous brand leather bags here so that you could understand more leather bags style and features and choose your favorite leather bags.

Speaking of Coach bag, few people do not know this brand and no one does not aspire to it .Coach was born in 1941 in New York . It is the United States high-end lifestyle fashion brand .Its products are ladies handbags, men's bags, men's and women's small leather goods, watches, shoes, clothing, travel goods, scarves, perfumes, sunglasses, fashion jewelry, etc., very diverse.Each Coach product is the perfect balance of design and function.The classic American leather goods brand has won customers love by simple and durable style features .Shoulder bag and cross body bag factory further bag thinks that Coach has a strong American style and represent the cultural characteristics of the United States--random, inclusive .This can also be reflected in the price, because Coachs market positioning is the entry level of luxury - the average price is almost half the price of its competitors such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc.Excellent quality and affordable price stands for the Americans advanced consumer attitudes and quality of life.Like several other luxury branded leather bags, the Coach bag is also very durable because its raw materials are inspired by the softness of the softball glove that is not easily discolored and worn out.Only need to wipe with a wet cloth would keep the bag fresh again .


Leather bag under Chloé brand is a very feminine bag. Chloé itself is a French fashion brand, which is known for its simplicity, beauty and strong wearability. Chloé bag was originally launched to match with the brand's own style women's wear. But its fresh and natural style is unique, so that more and more consumers love this brand bags and it has become the new darling of the fashion industry.The most significant feature of Chloé bag appearance is minimalist: simple materials, simple shape, smooth lines, capable and stable.If Coach bags are with the American style, then Chloé bag is with very French flavor: bright colors, elegant style.When you see it, it is as if that you are watching a charming and elegant woman walking down the Champs Elysees street in Paris.Among leather bags that Guang zhou leather bags factory further bag co.,ltd has made , many brand designs more or less adopted some of the features of Chloé bag .And in the eye of China leather bags supplier further bag ,if you choose Chloé bag among the brand designer bags and brand name bags ,it better reflect ones true nature that you yourself like it rather than the pursuit of luxury .


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