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Leather bags factory how to manage the leather loss during production process ?

For bags processing factories who focus on leather bags OEM , leather cost takes a very high propotion in product cost .So leather bags factory are all concerned about leather losses .Then How to control the leather losses in production ?


To control leather losses ,leather bags factory could do from the following aspects .First,from the leather purchasing cycle,should do the work of leather quality check well to lower the leather loss .Secondly ,should know the standard of leather cutting of the customer since different customers have different requirements for products .Handbags factory only knows the customers standards well to avoid none technical loss .Thirdly ,leather bags factory should enhance the management and training of leather material openning staff to make sure that staffs technical level can reach factorys need .This point is more important in manully leather openning because an outstanding staff could bring profit and an unqualified staff could only bring losses .



To control the leather material losses is not a thing of one people and a certain cycle .It must be comprehensively dealt with and solve the important difficult points .Leather material losses would surely be controlled to a good and scientific level .

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