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How can we distinguish microfiber bags from leather bags?

Abstract: When leather handbags and leather bags move from luxury goods to civilian life, when the voice of environmental protection and humanitarianism becomes louder and louder, various kinds of artificial leather bags enter people's vision and more and more people accept and use them. Microfiber leather handbags, bags is one of them.



When any kind of raw material is made into finished handbags or finished bags, you could only  look at the appearance of handbags and bags if you want to distinguish the material . Microfiber and leather raw materials, in the cut surface, the bottom and even odor are obviously different, but when we buy a bag, it is impossible to open it to see inside, so Guangzhou leather goods manufacturer VB bag wants to tell everyone that you could distinguish microfiber bags from leather bags from the following aspects .


First of all, look at the colors of handbags and bags materials. Microfiber materials are man-made, and people can use various methods to achieve the desired effect. That is to say, the feeling is perfect and fully meets people's requirements and standards.Guangzhou handbags manufacturer VB bag took the color of the microfiber for example, the color of the microfiber is more bright, there is no color difference in each area. That is, when you see a microfiber bag, regardless of up and down, left and right, the color is basically consistent. This is different from leather because  leather is limited by the natural characteristics of the skin embryo, and the degree of vividness and consistency of the color is much worse.


Whats more, Guangzhou Leather Products factory VB bag suggests that we look at the material lines of handbags and bags. The texture of the microfiber leather is very regular and very neat. The entire line of handbags and bags are the same. The leather handbags and leather bags are different. Parts within two palms may have different textures ,let alone the difference in terms of front and back, and up and down.



In the end, Guangzhou handbags factory VB bag felt that everyone could distinguish the material from the feel and weight. This is the most accurate method. Super-fibre handbags and microfibre bags are usually soft, smooth, and elastic, but they don't feel fleshy. And leather handbags, leather bags are different, it has a sense of flesh, just like the feeling of touching the skin of animals, but flexibility is just so so .


China bags supplier VB bag knows that under the condition that the size is almost the same , ultra-fibre handbags, ultra-fiber bags are lighter than leather handbags, leather bags .Even if the size is not the same,carring leather handbags or leather bags in your hand, there will be a natural sense of heavy down .But if they are ultra-fiber handbags,  this feeling is not obvious.


Judging from the above aspects ,Guang zhou handbags supplier hope that you could buy your ideal handbags with our guidance .


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