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The characteristics of various material bags

Abstract: Guangzhou bag manufacturer VB bag integrates the production of leather bags, PU bags, PVC bags, and silicone bags. At the same time, it is committed to the development and production of new materials, multifunctional and electronic bags.


Bags and handbags have a long history. Materials have also been developed from the original leather and fabrics to today's various animal skins, PU, PVC, silicone, and even bark, stone, and so on. A variety of materials, bags, handbags, each with its own merits, have their own lengths, here, Guang zhou handbags factory would like to talk about the characteristics of various material bags .


First of all, let's look at leather bags and leather handbags. The material of this type of bag is animal skin, so the fabric has obvious traces of pores, the color is the natural color of the animal skin, the sense of touch is sensation, the weight of the finished product is heavy, and the aging rate is slow. If used properly, it can be used and reserved for a long time. Guangzhou Bag supplier VB bag knows that leather bags, leather handbags are high-end bags, handbags in peoples mind. Of course, it also has its limitations, such as the inability to touch water, the difficulty in handling surface defects, and the high cost resulting from the low utilization of raw materials.


Again, let's take a look at the PU bag. High-quality PU often make it difficult to distinguish them from real leather. China shoulder bag factory VB bag uses only the highest-grade PU to produce high-grade PU women's bags and PU men's bags. PU is a kind of artificial leather. It is rich in variety, bright in color, high in utilization rate, easy in operation, low in cost, and superior in waterproof performance to genuine leather. However, it is not as wear-resistant as leather, easy to aging, light weight, and thus it is in lack of a steady texture.



PVC woman handbags, PVC men's bags, is a kind of bag products of China hobo bag factory VB bag. PVC is a material between PU and canvas. It can be said that it integrates the advantages of PU and canvas. Although PVC does not have the texture of leather, it is more durable than PU and has better waterproof performance than canvas. At present, PVC bags and PVC handbags are increasingly used in outdoor activities.


In the past few years, the Guangzhou Bag-making factory, VB bag has also invested in the development and production of silicone bags, a favorite eco-friendly material bag for European and American fashion professionals. Silicone bags, also known as candy bags, are injection molded from silicone. The difference between it and genuine leather is obvious. It does not have any characteristics of leather, no so durable as leather, but the color is very rich, easy to clean and care,with low cost, very suitable for the taste of young people pursuing fashion.


According to Guangzhou tote bags supplier VB bag, the existence of various bags and handbags on the market made of various materials satisfy the different needs of different people and same person and enrich our lives.


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