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Guang zhou bags factory VB bag specialized in the production of functional bags.

Abstract:Guang zhou bags factory has professional production lines to produce various kinds of school bags (student bags, leather school bags, canvas school bags), computer bags (leather computer bags, canvas computer bags, nylon computer bags), outdoor Sports bag (mountaineering bag), golf bag for customers.


Various type of functional bags have different requirments on appearance,handcraftmanship compared with ordinary bags .The quality requirements and standards are also much higher than the ordinary female bags, men's bags, handbags, such as student-specific school bags, outdoor sports bags (mountaineering bags), golf bags and so on.VB bag has always been committed to the production and processing of high-quality bags, with professional staff and equipment for OEM production of these bags .


Modern student-specific schoo lbags have broken the tradition of simple book and stationery keeping, taking into account the physical and psychological characteristics of students of all ages, and adding functions such as protecting the body, positioning, and preventing loss. Among the student-specific school bags, the most representative and most famous are the Japanese school bags. It also has functions such as shockproof and anti-damping. Guang zhou handbags factory VB bag has always been concerned about the healthy growth of students, vigorously developing the production and processing of student-specific school bags, and undertaking student-specific school bags and processing orders for domestic and foreign customers.


Outdoor sports bags (mountaineering bags) and golf bags are popular bags in recent years. As peoples quality of life continues to increase, activities such as mountaineering, adventure, and golf have become more and more popular.For Outdoor sports bags (mountaineering bags), different sports have different requirements for bags, such as the difference in capacity, the difference in wearing (waist bag, arm bag, backpack) and so on. All outdoor sports bags (mountaineering bags) are lightweight, breathable, anti-shock, and light weight.Guangzhou sports bags factory VB bag has mastered the production of outdoor sports bags (mountaineering bags) and has become a preferred manufacturer of some famous sports bags (mountaineering bags) brand.Golf bags are divided into standard bags, professional bags, stand bags, gun bags, and air bags according to their functions. From the material point of view, there are PU golf bags, leather golf bags, and so on. Either way, the requirements for golf bags are light weighted, easy to carry and can protect golf clubs. Today's famous golf bag brands are OGIO, SUN MOUNTAIN, BAGBOY and so on. The golf bags produced and processed by VB bag are of comparable quality to these brands.


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