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Know a woman from her bags .

Abstract: Women are changeable and women are diverse. To know a woman, you could see her dress, smell her perfume and see her bags and handbags.Judging a woman from her scent's saying has been popular for a long time. Today, Guangdong Bag-making factory VB bag tells everyone how to know a woman from her bags .


I believe that everyone is familar with the movie scent of a woman .In this film,the most impressive and widely accpeted scene is that the blind veteran Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade has very sensitive hearing and smelling who can even recognize the height, color, and even the color of his eyes by smelling the other person's perfume. A leather bag, leather handbag, to a certain extent, can be said to have the same effect with the perfume.


Guang zhou bags factory VB bag thinks that face with strong three-dimensional effect and high cheekbones can choose bright stripes bags with a neutral metal personality style.Those who have small facial features and round faces are suitable for the selection of sweet cute leather handbags, leather bags.Those who have fuller body shape are suitable for thin and slender rectangle leather bags and handbags . Guang dong bag manufacturer VB bag suggested that slim girls should choose a triangular bag with a thickness on the side, which will make your appearance slightly plump.Wide leather handbags and leather bags are popular now ,but how can we choose them would not seem burdensome according to our height ? If the height is more than 165 cm, you should try to choose a bag with a total length of about 60 cm. Guang dong Bag factory VB bag thinks that If your height is less than 158 cm, you should choose a leather bag with a total length of about 50 cm , this will stretch the body.Different lives create different women.Those who wear a wide colorful mommy bag with multi functional small pockets must be a just upgrade hot beautiful mom .She would not put diaper,milk bottles into a noble retro crocodile leather handbag produced by China handbag manufacturer .That would scare the stop-bys .Whatmore ,we could also judge a womans character from her bags or handbags .Those who wear leather backpacks and bags must be an easy-going, lively, and athletic girl. Leather shoulder bag, leather messenger bag, can dress up cute and gentle girl. Guang dong Bag Manufacturers VB bag believes that those who like the larger size and purer leather handbags are certainly competent women in the workplace.


Know a woman from her bags .If you want to know a woman ,pls start from knowing the bags she carries . Haha .


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