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Your age decides what kind of bag to wear .Did you wear the right bag ?

Summary: No matter what age you are, what careers you have , bags are your essential personal items. White-collar workers need commuter bags, students need schoolbags, mothers need mummy bags, and mountaineers need mountaineering bags. Of course, there is a lot to learn if you want to choose a good bag that suits you best .You should know the classification of bags and the materials of making bags .Today we are going to talk about choosing what kind of bag is the most comfortable in terms of age classifcation .



Infants and young children

After the child is half a year old, he can carry some skin-friendly and lightweight bags. The children's bags are mostly cute and can inspire children's imagination. And there are anti-lost backpacks, which are usually a cute baby backpack plus a strap so that the parents can pull the baby to prevent the baby from getting lost.



Youngsters often carry shoulder bag and backpack .Shoulder bag with sports style is the love of many boys .But for heavy-duty school work youngsters, using a backpack to bear the load would be more useful for the health of the spine .


Middle-aged and older people

Middle aged and older people backpack emphasis more on comfortness compared with fashion need .Mom Daddy bag is usually made of leather or canvas. The style is simple and generous, and it is very practical.


Pregnant woman

The list of products that need to be prepared during pregnancy and the baby products that need to be prepared after production require that the capacity and weight-bearing capacity of the Mummy bag should be sufficient. Therefore, mommy bags are generally large-capacity bags with more internal compartments.



Bags are a must-have for women's fashion wear, and almost every female has a stylish handbags on the streets . Common handbags include handbags, purses, shoulder bags, sling bags and more. Unlike men's bags, women's bags are mostly soft and lovely.



The men's bag is also one of the mens personal ornaments. For most men, although not as colorful as womens handbags, the bag captures mens ambitions and potential ambitions: thick stacks of documents, data, and agreements that herald their future opportunities and wealth.


Did you choose the right backpack for yourself ?




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