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Guang zhou handbags factory VB bag bags customization packaging operation standard.

Summary:Guangzhou leather goods manufacturers VB bag as a well-known brand leather goods bag foundry, leather bag OEM factory, leather bag OEM manufacturer, leather bag processing factory, leather goods bag manufacturing factory, leather goods bag ODM factory and leather goods product customization factory have developed bags for over 10 years. Now they are leading in leather processing, leather goods production and leather goods foundry. It has grown from the initial single product development to the current system of various types of leather products production processing plants.


Below is our packing operation standards .Good packing is so important during transportation .


1) Before the finished product inspection and packaging work is carried out, the confirmed sample data and related order information must be carefully checked. The production data and the packaging data of related products must meet the corresponding order requirements.

2)Understand the structure of the product, check the correct sample, and check whether the product has completed all manufacturing processes and if the function is normal.

3)Check the correct sample, check if the bag's fabric, color, size, practice, hardware, zipper and its accessories are correct and ensure that the processing quality of each finished bag live up to standards.

4)Check the cleanliness of the product: check inside and outside threads .Glue stains, silver pen marks and oil stains should be cleaned.

5)Check the force bearing parts with appropriate force (such as handles, straps, pen pockets, phone pockets, etc.).

6)The product should be beautiful, no wrinkle, smooth, consistent surface stitch.

7)Check the embossed mark, embroidering, screen printing, hardware, fasteners and materials of the product to see if there is any defects or malfunctions.

8)The product must not have any sharp metal , tools or items that are harmful to the human body both inside and outside

9)Product shaping: The shaping of the product should be beautiful, the effect after shaping should be smooth and beautiful, and the shape of the bag should be given out.

10)The amount of paper jam must be moderate if the product needs to be plugged with paper. The shape of the product must not be too flat or over-expanded.

11)Check whether the accessories inside and outside the product are complete.(such as shoulder straps, bottom, etc.)Shoulder straps of fixed shape female bag must add strip-shaped paper strips and be packed with copy paper to fix its shape .Double strap women's bags must be strappe. Easy to dye leather or Accessories must be separated by paper board.

12)Check if the tags, stickers, and printing marks meet the requirements of the corresponding orders, and the hanging tags should be hung on the left side of the back panel.

13)Packing: Check if the cartoon box/inner box , paper quality, size,carton box data (font), and carton stickers are correct.

14)The packing method and packing quantity/weight (gross weight, net weight) should be consistent with the corresponding order packaging data and carton mark data.



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