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How much do you know about outdoor backpacks ?

Whether you are alone or a group of people ready to travel in the wild, you must be adequately prepared not only to bring along essential items, but also bring enough of them. In this case ,a handbag could not hold all things that you need .So a backpack and a waist bag is your best choice .Then why should you choose a backpack ? What size of backpack should we choose ? How to choose a waist bag ?



First, choose a backpack and free your hands.

If you are traveling through the jungle or through the forest trails, imagine how you can travel happily if your right-hand and left-hand are both full with luggage . At this time, the use of backpack allows you to free your hands and travel easily.


Second, large backpacks and small backpacks.

There are many kinds of backpacks. If you are only on a small day trip, a small backpack (up to 20 liters) will satisfy your needs. If you are going to enjoy nature for a week, then you must have a backpack that can hold a sleeping bag. A 40L litre backpack is a good choice. If you're ready for a long journey, you'll have to think about big backpacks with more than 60L.


Third, waist bag is very convenient to use .

Why use waist bags? We can imagine that if you are in the street, suddenly you need to take some small things, such as pocket knives, mobile phones, compasses and other small items, how convenient it is to take them out or put them back with a waist bag .


The packing of your backpack

With the corresponding backpack, you should pack corresponding things .Then how to pack a backpack would make it the most conveniet for us to use ? Please keep this in mind: Classify big or small things ,balance on left and right ,focus is on top .


First, classified placement

The capacity of the backpack is relatively large. Before the items are put in, the items must first be packed in plastic bags so that we can use them conveniently and quickly.


Second, balance is important

The balance of the backpack is crucial for walking. If the weight of the backpack is not balanced, it is easy for people to lose their focus and put them in danger. Therefore, when loading a backpack, remember to make the right and left weights of the backpack equal.


Third, focus on top .

Everyone may think that the heavier items should be placed at the bottom of the backpack. In fact, this is a wrong way to pack the backpack.Because when you are walking with a heavy backpack,if the focus is still lower ,this would make all weight on peoples hip and waist and easily cause over work .Instead ,if the heavy things are put on top ,all weight is on peoples shoulder so that people could walk at ease .

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